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  • Liz Lyons

    What do you say when someone asks, what does Liz Lyons actually do?

    I generally say I work part time for a Perth based not-for- profit and in my spare time I create cool content for cafés and other hospitality clients.

    With a background in marketing, was it a matter of noticing a gap in the market for breakfast blogging in Australia or did you stumble into this head first?

    It was a bit of a mixture of both really. I was working at a marketing agency at the time and we were reaching out to bloggers, so I thought it could useful to have my own blog. Not to mention my love for food. But I also did notice a bit of a gap, traditionally cafés were just using reviewers or trying to build a name through word of mouth.

    Starting with just 1 Instagram account (@BreakfastInPerth), how did the expansion to multiple accounts come about?

    I’ve always loved hanging out in Melbourne and Sydney and with the response to the BreakfastInPerth page, it was just a natural progression to launch in other cities. Melbourne and Sydney have this amazing breakfast culture so it just made sense to leverage the accounts to build a following.

    What does a typical Liz Lyons day look like?

    Everyday is a little different, but usually when I wake up its straight onto my phone checking my accounts and updating them and then it’s time to head out to the cafés I have booked in that day. So I get there and we work out what foods were going to shoot and then I get to eat some of it, which is always a bonus. Post breakfast its usually heading home to do some more of my admin work or I may have an event on. But, every day is different which makes it exciting.

    Was there a lightbulb moment where it all became a reality and how did you trust yourself to go through with the idea?

    At the beginning I definitely think people around me were a little bit unsure about exactly what I was trying to do. But as the following grew, so did people’s faith in what I was creating, and I guess that gave me confidence and reassurance to keep going with it. So I guess there wasn’t a ‘Light Bulb Moment’ per say, but my confidence definitely grew as things got bigger.

    What goes through Liz’s mind when there’s possibly some doubts, especially early on in the piece. Maybe there’s a piece of advice that’s always remained with you?

    I think on those days where I maybe doubted myself, I would try and take a step back and look at why I was feeling that way and quite often, it was because I was sleep deprived or I’d just had a bad day. So I would just look at it as a speed bump, park that day for the moment and come back to it tomorrow. So generally I find taking a step back and reassessing at a later stage helps me move forward.

    Ledin Gray’s movement is all about being true to yourself, but also following your hopes and dreams. So when you think of the term ‘Define Yourself’, what does that mean to Liz and why is it important for others?

    guess in terms of what defining myself means to me, I see it as being what I stand for, what I believe in and what I’m trying to achieve. Relationships is a word that springs to mind. I’m really big on surrounding myself with people that I admire and those who bring out the best in me. Also just not taking myself to seriously. Something that my dad’s always said to me is ‘This isn’t a dress rehearsal, we only get one shot’ so just enjoy the journey and have fun doing what you do.

    How do you go about shutting out the negativity in your industry? 

    I think it’s all about keeping things in perspective. There’s always going to be those people who don’t agree with you or like what you’re doing, and that’s totally fine because everyone’s entitled to feel that way. However, as I mentioned earlier, you just have surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you and block out the other things. So I guess I seek a lot of solace from my friends and family and I feel like I draw a lot from those relationships to keep me moving forward.

    How does Liz go about handling multiple accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers?

    Not well at times… I guess it all comes down to planning my days and also learning to say ‘no’ is important. I get a lot requests and invitations to events, which always very flattering and exciting, but I think I’ve had to learn (particularly over the past year) that sometimes you’ve just got to say no for your own sanity. It’s so important that I monitor the pages and make sure my content is up to date.

    We have to ask.. What is your ideal breakfast?

    Definitely has to involve avocado. Halloumi and maybe some smoked salmon in there as well. Probably like a breakfast bruschetta kind of dish. I’m all about the savoury, but I do love an acai bowl as well. So maybe throw that in for dessert.

    Does Liz plan ahead? Is there anything you’re looking at for post breakfast blogging?

    I guess I am a little bit of ‘live in the moment’ type person, but with that said, you do need to think about the future and where you want to be and I do think about that. I’m really interested in adolescent health and potentially getting involved in some motivational speaking, so essentially talking to adolescents around the use of social media and the importance of keeping it in perspective. Maybe even some political bits and pieces. Who knows, I guess we shall see. There are always a few ideas ticking in the back of my mind.

    Was there a moment in time that you look back on and realise that’s when you really wanted to transition into what you’re doing now? Were you working a 9-5pm job that really gave you the shits?

    I would say at the beginning of 2015, I wouldn’t say it was my day job that was giving me the shits, in fact I absolutely loved the work I was doing and still doing for Diabetes Western Australia. It was more a moment I had where I thought I need to see where I can take this and knew I would always regret it if I didn’t go after it and give it my all. So definitely I had that ‘moment’ and luckily I had an employer that were very supportive of me and allowed me to continue working with them on a part-time basis. All of which I am very grateful for. The rest is history.

    Are there ambitions to take ‘Breakfast In’ on a global scale?

    Why not!!

    Where’s the first international location then?

    I would LOVE to take this to New York and also London and maybe even throw Los Angeles in there too.

    Well hopefully we are having our next story tell in the heart of Central Park or by Hollywood Blvd! Until next time Liz, keep telling a brilliant story over breakfast.

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