Interview Beck Wadworth

All Beck, errything.

Well firstly, you are off to New York in a matter of hours, which is super exciting! So thank you for squeezing in the time Beck to chat. We are so delighted to have you in our ‘define yourself’ series, a first for Ledin Gray.

The typical icebreaker, for those who don’t know Beck Wadworth. Summarize yourself as best you can in one sentence.

Director of stationery/accessories brand & blog An Organised Life. New Zealander based in Sydney with a love for all things organised, monochrome & minimalistic! (sorry that was 2 sentences! haha)

You come from a tertiary background in design, have had some wonderful experience in Fashion & editing, have you always thought you would end up where you are now?

No, I thought I was going to end up at a Fashion Magazine to be honest. I have always had a love for organisation, typography, design & fashion – so it was a natural progression.

What is it about design & fashion you love?

Its creative and expressive and you can really make it your own. For me I love everything monochrome & minimalistic and I keep this aesthetic across my style & designs.

An Organised Life

To most, chasing a personal dream (be it creating ‘An organised life’), could seem quite challenging, time consuming and simply too much effort. Why/ How did you stay focused, reassure yourself and can you offer any tips?

Creating An Organised Life has been a dream for a long time. I have always had a love for organisation, typography & design and I wanted to create a platform & products that were functional & stylish while keeping to my signature aesthetic. I’m not going to lie there is a lot of hard work and late nights involved. But if your patient, willing to put in the research and hours then the hard work always pays off. I’m a big believer in setting yourself goals & stepping stones so that it makes the process easier. And I also think its important to celebrate all the small & big things along the way.

Where were you when you thought of the brand name ‘An organised life’?

I think I was in my apart in Bondi! It was one of the first names I thought of and it just felt right!

What’s one of the most stressful moments you’ve had chasing your dream?

I always feel very very stressed before a print deadline, especially when it comes to my diaries with so many dates & days involved. I spend hours look over this and never sleep the night before I sent it to print!

Have you gone to any extreme limits to get things done? i.e Founder of Kogan electronics closed the container door on his first shipment of Tv’s in Asia.

I guess for me I do everything for An Organised Life – from designing the products and shooting my campaigns & social media to shipping my online & wholesale orders all around the world! I’m happy to push the limits to make things happen.

One example I can think of is last year my 2016 diaries arrived the day I flew back in from France – 92 boxes weighing 13kgs each were shipped to my tiny apartment and I had to carry each & every one of them down 3 flights of stairs! It took me hours but it was worth it!

What’s Beck Wadworth’s greatest fear?

Flying & failure.

What was the first step in creating ‘An organised life’?

Like where on earth do you start with a business idea? Thats a hard one, for me I guess I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of a product. I designed my first diary and from there started working on how to manufacture it, market it, sell it and promote it. I worked out what I wanted my brand to be & what my point of difference was and grew it from there step by step. There was a lot of learning involved, and there still is today, but I took my time and did as much research as I could.

Beck Wadworth

Be patient, do your research, go with your gut, everything happens for a reason and keeping working hard.

Beck Wadworth

With the success of your brand to date, were you nervous first launching an instagram account? How do you manage such a process?

I guess for me, social media is an extension of my brand and a way to engage with my customers & followers. There is defiantly a lot of planning that goes in behind the scenes – but I love replying to comments and seeing the pictures my customers take with their products! It’s such an amazing thing that its all so accessible these days.

Did you get butterflies with the first 10K followers? When did you start to pop the champagne or is it a little early?

Haha, yes I remember reaching 10K! I feel very grateful that I have such amazing followers & customers that support An Organised Life and I cant wait to watch it grow more & more.

In terms of the champagne popping, I love celebrating all the milestones along the way. I think its important – no matter how big or small. From sending new products to print, to bringing on my first New York stockists, to reaching a new milestone on social media. Its all the small things that make you appreciate all the hard work you put in.

You’re in New York on a business trip, you get talking with a random on the subway, they ask what do you do. What do you say?

I’m always super awkward with this question! I usually say that I have a my own brand of stationery & accessories and that I work in fashion. I try to keep it short & sweet!

Most famous person you have met to date?

Hmmm thats a hard one – maybe Heidi Klum

If you could be anyone in the industry who would it be and why?

Name your top 3 accounts to follow.

Chronicles of Her, The Design Chaser, Margaret Zhang.

Any funny stories about being recognized in the street yet?

Yes, I actually had the most amazing and funny experience when I was in the French Alps. I was going back to my room after dinner one night and was in the lift with Yan Yan & another women. She kept looking over at us and then said to me – I’m so sorry but I have to say hello! I have been a fan since the beginning!’ She was from Israel and was on a holiday. We chatted for a few minutes and finished off with a selfie! It was such a mind blowing experience.

What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you along your journey? Would you get it tattooed? haha

Haha I wouldn’t get it tattooed but my mum has always said to me that everything happens for a reason. She is very realistic – and although this advice is sometimes hard to accept – it always makes me work harder & allows me to push myself & the brand further and further. There is always a new opportunity around the corner.

What’s the best piece of advice you would give Beck Wadworth of 5 years ago with what you know now?

Be patient, do your research, go with your gut, everything happens for a reason and keeping working hard.

Go-to outfit?

Black Neuw Denim Jeans, Black Rag & Bone Tee, Blazer, Adidas Sneakers and Karen Walker Jewellery – understated yet chic

What playlist are you listening to right now?

Rihanna on repeat!

Last movie you watched?

I’m currently watching Deadpool on the flight from Sydney to L.A! And I have just finished watching Fathers & Daughters.

Mac or PC?


Name 3 key items every female game changer should have in their bag?

iPhone, Diary & Pen! These 3 things can help you make everything happen. From emails, social media & researching to writing down your goals, achievements and everything in between!

What does ‘defining yourself’ mean to you?

Defining yourself is a hard one. I think it’s really important to grow as a person and to learn along the way from life experiences. Have strong values, stay true to yourself, go with your gut, be grateful and appreciate everyone & everything. Everyones different and thats what makes the world so amazing!

How does it feel to be classified as today’s ‘Game Changer’ or successful influencer/ entrepreneur to people?

It’s pretty amazing, to me I’m just trying to make my dreams happen but if I can help inspire people and bring organisation into their busy lives along the way, then that’s even better!

Any final words before catching that plane?…

Dream big, go with your gut, be patient and work hard.Beck Wadworth