Truth behind the matter.

Some have asked the question & others already know the importance of its answer.

It’s the journeys we have started, finished or are mid way through. It’s the encounters with those special people that have left you inspired & forever changed you. It’s the hope, the fear, the trauma, the smiles & the tears that helped to form the building blocks to reaching an ultimate goal.

Then it’s us. Bringing them to life through film, writing & voice. Defining yourself means recognising the importance of your past, present and your future.

Whether you are that athlete deciding not to breathe just to gain that extra yard.  Or a talented musician from the sun soaked ocean shores, with string worn fingertips and a passion that ensured the song meant more than the applause that followed. Perhaps a photographer re-iterating to herself that sometimes the best shots come from erasing process, and simply living in that present, beautiful moment. An artist, stylist or blogger who are forever the patient ones, loyal to their visions & holders of the ingredients that form solutions to failure. Their paths may differ, but the message stays true for all.

It’s sometimes just part of human nature to observe influence, watch a story unfold before us in admiration to encourage ourselves to perhaps try and do the same. That’s important. If there is no one to go first and set example, there are no lessons. Sharing who we are and the dreams we chase is infectious. It encourages others to say yes to the unthinkable and no the easy.  Just as a friend had told us recently – ‘people can relate to me. I’m a very average guy who knows who he is and it’s refreshing to others and sacred to me’.

Defining yourself captures a host of experiences we encounter along the way too. It’s not about the glorious tree top we shall sit upon in the final chapter, but more so appreciating each branch we climbed to get there. Appreciating the pursuit of a dream, more so than the completion of it.

I suppose now we get asked a few questions. How do we go about it all? How do we really know when we have defined ourselves? Do we feel any different? One of our foxes kindly mentions ‘defining ourselves is dependent on a lifetime of experiences we encounter – thus making the process a gradual one. Taking that into account, I want an underlying theme throughout all of my experience to be genuine intentionality..

If I live a life where I am never truly invested in the here and now – distracted in conversations, unwilling to let others in on the hopes and fears and doubts, selfish with my time – I will never have truly lived’.

So, in our closing days, we will blanket ourselves in the warmth of experiences gone by, the smiles we were responsible for and the patience we so gracefully hung onto. We take those moments and discover why they made sense, why they made our heart beat that little bit faster and most of all – why they define us.

So, why does it all matter?

Well, it ignites the flame and keeps it burning, forever fueling our spirit, our dream chase, to ensure we are left with no regrets or the burden of ‘what if’.