Every title has a true meaning.

Most of us see in blacks and whites.  And we tend to think in grey’s.  But we love and create beautiful moving things in colour. Sometimes it’s merely seeing the led inside the grey.

We are as blind as we really wish to be. Sometimes the most talented in human history are the strangest and outlandish.  But we remembered them after all. Our name follows a similar trail. Ledin Gray believes is representing the deriving of true colour (meaning), from beyond just minimalistic form.

Christian Rodgers captures it perfectly, ‘Sometimes the purpose of the thorn is to draw attention to the rose’.  Ledin Gray perhaps is the thorn that leads you to the beauty of lifestyle and storytelling.  The way you interpret it all is simply up to you.

We wanted to create a title that captures your new abode, allow your mind to search for escape, a watch to remember the time you found it and a comfortable pair of shoes to continue that journey. We needed a character therefore to lead the way.

Maybe even creating that voice to whisper ‘follow me’.

Ledin Gray realizes we feel a certain way inside an outfit we select. We experience the same emotion when we hear a particular story. Escape is everything to some, to enjoy the beauty, fearlessness, mystery, grace, humbleness and freedom, is important to most. We believe our title keeps all of that safe.

Like the moon during the day. Ledin Gray is beautifully out of place. Perhaps with the intent to be so you can discover what it all means to you.

The title therefore became a unique character, heroic in pursuit of a dream and telling stories so we all can do the same. It captured a visual contrast with no right or wrong answer.  Presenting a message in black and white so that our eyes could eventually, gracefully ,make out the colours we adore.

In summary, we imply on perhaps handing you the keys, its up to you to make the place your very own.

After all..

‘What good are wings without the courage to fly?’.

– Atticus

Maybe we just became the courage.