Interview Li-Chi Pan

Colour & creativity with a side of crunch.

Please try a Ledin Gray first for us, introduce yourself to the world in Afrikans?

Goeie môre! Hoe gaan dit? My naam is Li-Chi Pan en ek is vyf-en- twintig jaar oud. Ek bly in Sydney.

Now that’s pretty damn cool. Have you ever decided to play a little joke on someone new and just continue speaking in a native tongue?

My brother and I prefer chatting in Afrikaans when we’re overseas – it’s quite unexpected as it sounds relativitly close to Dutch so people are always really entertained and surprised.

Do you enjoy the title ‘Foodgrammer’? 

I think it’s a very humbling title to be considered a recognisble foodie in Sydney. I love keeping on trend with the food scene in Australia and wouldn’t trade that title for the world!

We notice this reference across various media outlets with stories about your good self, if you could provide yourself a title what do you usually run with?

Content Creator, photographer & stylist.

Has your family influenced your appreciation for the minimalistic form, composition and just beautiful things in colour?

My family has always been an incredible support system! However my appreciation for minimal composition and tones stems from my background in Architecture. I graduated from my Masters degree from the University of Sydney. A lot of my photography is heavily influenced by Frank Ghery!

What inspired you to study Architecture in the very beginning? Were you always good at mathematics?

Funnily enough I was horrific at Maths in school. It wasn’t until year 11 when I really put my heart and soul into my studied and started pushing for better grades in order to get into Architecture. I have always had an appreciation for design, drawing and buildings in general and felt like it was the perfect degree for me!

Making the decision to walk away from Architecture and decide to pursue producing digital content, do you look back and remember the pivotal moment where all of this unfolded?

I graduated from my Masters of Architecture with simply a piece of paper in hand which had my qualifications from five years of studying and had never felt more uncertain of my future. I was extremely nervous being a fresh grad with no job. I applied for about 20 various architecture firms around Sydney and got offered a job – and shortly after I got approached by Lynette Phillips on Instagram – CEO of luxury media agency, MAXMEDIALAB – and a job opportunity presented itself which I couldn’t refuse!

How did you land your current role at Maxmedialab? Because let’s be honest, amazement like that takes work! 

My CEO stumbled upon my Instagram and sent me a DM to come in for a potential job opportunity! The rest is history!

You’re an all around brand superstar nowadays, waking up each day loving a 9-5 what advice can you lend most to landing your ideal position?

5 years ago I could never have predicted that my future career would be so heavily influenced by social media. I wake up everyday feeling so grateful and really blessed to be working a job which I am so passionate about. I started out as a humble office assistant and slowly made my way up to content creator and photographer at MAXMEDIALAB.

I got signed as an influencer by our sister company, MAXCONNECTORS shortly after. I really love being able to work on my own creative work as an influencer but also facing challenging briefs at MAXMEDIALAB.

The best advice I can give is to work hard and not to be afraid to reach out to agencies you want to work at! If you want it bad enough – be persistent! Hard work always pays off !

Have you always been so resilient in pursuit? What’s a phrase you truly live by?

Always trust the magic of new beginnings.

Your Instagram speaks for itself, as a major influencer, how much planning and prep work goes on behind the scenes before hitting ‘Post’?

I always pre plan my grid a week ahead so I don’t have to stress about ruining my grid or what to post. I have hashtags lined up and pre edit all my images on Afterlight before hitting upload.

Weirdest request so far?

I got asked to share my most embarrassing moment for a Tampon company on my instagram… Naturally I declined, haha!

You’ve had a rapid rise on social media in a short space of time. Has it become over whelming at times? How does Li-Chi handle herself in these situations?

It definitely gets really overwhelming at times having to juggle being an influencer, delivering content which your audience will love without letting them down, working full time at MAXMEDIALAB as a content creator and photographer and attending events gets too much sometimes.
My favourite way to deal with all the anxiety is to have ‘offline’ time. This time is dedicated to myself – where I don’t go online. It’s really important to take a break from social media on the regular and to have a digital detox.

Your blog is quite varied with content on travel, food and lifestyle. Is there a conscious decision to keep things varied?

I love dabbling in all fields and love that I’m not restricted to a particular field. I love challenging myself on the daily to create content which I am not used to.

Your greatest achievement to date?

Working with Tiffany & Co, doing my first youtube advert for Lancome beauty and being flown to Dubai and New Zealand for travel collaborations.

Where will you be travelling to next? What is about travel that you enjoy most?

I will be headed to New Zealand this weekend to work with Queenstown and then Tourism of Japan in December! My favourite part about travelling is experiencing new cultures and enriching my mind as well as my eyes with new sights.

I love travelling as it inspires me to create new and beautiful content for my audience.

Who and what do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw most of my inspiration from travel.

Ever celebrated reaching a milestone on Instagram? If so, how did you celebrate and do you think it’s important to celebrate your achievements along the way?

I have celebrated every milestone on Instagram – from hitting my first 1000 followers to 100 000 to 400 000. Every milestone I love to show my supporters how grateful I am to have their support. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their love. It’s really important to me to let them know how important their comments, criticism and love is to me.

When you hear the term ‘define yourself’ what does that truly mean to you. What defines Li-Chi Pan?

I would define myself as a strong, independent and genuinely caring individual. I have so much love for my family and best friends!

Li, it’s been an absolute pleasure chatting with you, your journey so far has been incredibly inspiring to watch unfold and we can’t wait to revisit all of the exciting things you have been up to in the future.