Article Like A Fox

The Story behind our logo.

‘I understand what you’re saying and your comments are valuable, but I’m going to ignore your advice and chase my dream. Like a fox. ‘– unknown

The vision or dream becomes ever so clearer, in any facet of the word, when you can simplify the pathway or hierarchy it with form.

In our case here at Ledin Gray,  we are so compelled by the essence of story telling but more importantly those who decide to tell that incredible tale.

A fox therefore, to our legacy, captures a powerful representation of those willing to travel a unique path aside the noise and failure. Those empowered to steer away from the pack and truly define themselves no matter the advice.

So come the night or time for rest, every fox will have a beautiful tale to tell.  Look a little closer and you may even find our very own fox carries with it it’s own personal story.