The art of the journey.

She begins with only whispers, words still to come. We draw sense from the days that pass us, by remembering those whispers as best we can.

Those words ignite the eyes of the cheeky ones. The lost become found. The unmotivated left inspired. The alone feel loved. The feared, now fearless. They can humble even the hardest of sorts.

It’s the importance of story telling.

We all too often forget the power of stories. We forget to tell of the hurt, the tears, the failure, the love & the success that make up our chapters.

Ledin Gray is founded by exactly that – the spoken, the heard or the written. We are the global story tellers. The gloriousness is letting the meaning fly so we can catch it.

We sat down recently with the one of the most inspirational photographers gracing the paths of this earth. They went on to mention what separates the good from the great is in fact, storytelling.  Not only is the nature of storytelling so powerful amongst each other as the audience member, it translates it’s beauty into the majority of creative fields we use as professionals to reach the most pure of outcomes.

In photography for instance, the artist has the ability to articulate exactly how they felt when they encounter the locations captured.  Our friend goes on to mention, ‘treating captions like a travel diary is all well and good, but when you intersect emotion with imagery, you give the viewers a new way to interact with what they are seeing’.

The old cliché, whilst a picture is worth a thousand words, evoking a response in the viewer by the details within the composition alone is truly incredible. Griffin Lamb of the United States believes ‘telling that story allows for the viewer not only to interact with the image before them, but with the person behind the lens’. Now that’s pretty damn perfect when we all live in different corners of the globe. Connection is a magical thing. And story telling offers us that.

The natural beauty of story telling is that it comes in all forms. We can mould our own conclusion upon a photograph, interpret the words a certain way with script, or be empowered by voice, movement & emotion with film.

Telling stories ultimately allows humanity to feel something. What that something is will differ from human to human. But it entitles us to be exactly that.