Interview Chloe Alyshea

Cleared for creatvity.

Well firstly, thank you for fitting us in with your hectic agenda. We are so appreciative that you can spend a few moments with us as part of our ‘define yourself’ series, our first feature all the way from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Or as they call it, the ‘Light City’. 

So, as a festival MC would do so, can you introduce yourself to the audience and let them know how your morning so far has been?

Hi everyone, I’m Chloë Alyshea and I’m blogging at un-cluttered. A personal hub where I share my love for a minimalistic lifestyle with an urban feel to it. My morning has been very good so far after a few hectic days, thank you!

Chloe Alyshea

Knowing your love of sneakers, we have to ask.. What set up are you ‘running’ today?

Today is a creeper kind of day, wearing the PUMA x Rihanna all white Creepers. Very cozy.

Have you always been a lover of basic, minimalistic pieces? 

Haha definitely not. I’ve had all kind of phases, from sporty to even being a ‘skater’ with super oversized pants , crop tops and sneakers with big neon laces. Don’t ask me why… But I’ve always been into sports basics, since I was very young. Over the last 5 years I think the minimalistic pieces came into my wardrobe, and never left ever since.

What inspires the Chloe Alyshea ‘look’?

Not sure what exactly inspires my look, but I like to have it clean and comfy. This means no prints, no color (except for a few pink pieces), oversized fits, a piece of my boyfriend’s wardrobe every now and then and, of course, a good pair of sneakers.

When your day gets a little overwhelming, what is your go to method to keep on track and stay focused?

As I run my own social media business and being my own boss, it gets hectic very often. The amount of information you get through social media can be overwhelming, but it’s my job. So I can’t shut it down really. For me it’s important to literally get out of it when I can, so I always try to plan short trips to other cities abroad to get away from the internet, even though it’s just for 24 hours. It helps me to stay focused when I get back. This Summer I will go on a vacation to Bali for three full weeks. It will be the first time I’m going offline for such a long time. A little scary, but honestly, I’m really looking forward to it!

Your tattoos… What inspired the designs, is there any significance?

I just got a new one a few weeks ago! But there’s no special meaning behind it really. I see tattoos as a form of art. It starts with looking for artists whose style really appeals to me, and then I go from there. For the first two tattoos I had this ‘vespertine’ theme in my mind (plants & animals which get active at night), and found an artist in Barcelona at LTW Tattoo (Norte One) and in Berlin at AKA Berlin (Phillippe Fernandez). So together with my boyfriend we travelled there and we just get us suprised by the designs they came up with. And in the end it seemed Philippe and Norte were childhood friends in Spain, such a coincedence! For my latest tattoo I went back to Philippe in Berlin and got myself a geisha on my leg, because I’m really into the Japanse culture at the moment. The great part is that all of these tattoos have their own memory and story now. They all remind me to these great trips and friendships we built with the artists.

Chloe Alyshea

You launched Un-cluttered in early 2015. Over a year into this project, has the direction changed or grown from its early inception?

It’s been a year already indeed, time goes really fast. The direction remained the same, only the frequency changed a bit as I’m really busy with my business as a digital creative. Sometimes I wish there were more hours in a day…

We understand your partner is quiet the visual genius, are there some concepts you have been able to yield from him to apply to your own work? 

Yes my boyfriend takes all of my pictures. But he has a background as an illustrator and graphic designer, while I’m normally the one who stands behind the camera. So in the beginning (that must be 4 years ago when the Instagramming started haha) I had to teach him how to work with my camera in a technically way. But he always had a great eye for composition and taking appealing shots. And now I can fully rely on him, he became a really good photographer to be honest! But he does other things for me which I will never learn I’m afraid. He takes care of everything where design is involved in, from business cards and logo’s to designing my blog. And even the geeky stuff with codes. I guess we really complement each other in a perfect way.

Being a photographer, what is it that you love about taking a great shot? Is it the preparation of a flatlay or capturing something in the moment that you get the most satisfaction from?

The best part for me is finding new locations which aren’t discovered yet. In my photography the location has always been really important, it defines the vibe of the pictures. It started when I found the perfect concrete parking lot at Ikea in my hometown. They rebuilt it a few years ago, and that’s where my adventure really began (although I wasn’t blogging by then, I published the pictures just on Instagram only). I started looking for new locations and everytime I ‘discovered’ a new one, my smile went from ear to ear. It’s a little obsession, sometimes I drive to places which will take a few hours to get there. But when I arrive and it turns out to be super amazing, I know it’s worth all of the effort. Still dreaming though of building my own concrete palace hidden in a forrest or something, just for me alone…

Have you been recognised in public yet?

I was once recognised on a party, which made me really uncomfortable. I like to stay anonymous.

Was there a point in time where you detected that you could do blogging/photography Full time? 

Im not a fulltime blogger and to be honest, this is not something I would like to do fulltime as well. I’d rather stay behind the scenes and mean something for someone else than write about myself every day. So brands now hire me to manage their social channels and to create creative digital content for them. The combination of doing fulltime photography, graphic design, concepts and writing is much more fulfilling to me.

Chloe Alyshea

Won’t leave the house without?

My Iphone and earplugs.

Last played song on your iphone?

Full album of BadBadNotGood – III

Some people enjoy brainstorming whilst mid-air travelling. Where is Chloe’s ultimate creative haven?

I think somewhere on a island far far away from the hectic life over here.

You just arrived back from Paris recently. What is it about travel that you love and can you possibly share some insight into what you have planned in France?

I was there with a good friend of mine, she’s a photographer as well and shot several editorials on my blog, like the one for Effra London and Urban Outfitters. We met eachother during an internship in Amsterdam, and we never lost sight of each other. She lived in Paris a few years ago, and so we started planning on a trip together where she could be my guide haha. Mainly we wanted to chill and relax, enjoy the food and art scene. No shopping allowed, just enjoying the city like a local would do. I love to travel to other cities as I like to get inspired by the local creative scene. My boyfriend and I runned our own online magazine THRLD for three years, and so we started to combine work and vacation during this period of time. We started making video productions at tradeshows for the magazine, while enjoying the city at the same time. Ever since we still like to discover places and meet people.

What is Chloe’s greatest fear?

To lose someone I love.

You seem to enjoy working, creating and innovating with upcoming brands and artists. What is that that draws you in this direction? 

I think this went really naturally as I started with my Instagram a few years ago. First I never took it really seriously until I got noticed by other bloggers and brands. I then I realised Instagram can make it possible to be really close with the brands and people you look up to. And so brands starting reaching out to me to work together, and that’s when I decided to start a personal blog. Instagram wasn’t enough anymore to share the story behind a collaboration, and through my blog I can do now. I always had this urge to connect with likeminded creatives, to create something new together. And to share my personal take on fashion. I hate the word fashion though, I see it more as a way to expres yourself.

You have the power to change 1 thing in the world. What would you choose?

Take discrimination away, in any form. We are all equal, one family.

Essentially you are your own boss. What is that you love about it?

The possibillity to choose who I work with and how. And the freedom of it. I can work whenever I want, wherever I want. It’s the best feeling ever. Im not bound to a certain place. I hope I can travel more and work at the same time, like a digital nomad. Basically the only thing I need is a computer, my camera and internet.

Chloe Alyshea

Would you ever revert to the 9-5 game?

No, just no. I think this 9-5 culture really kills your creative vibe. I’ve been doing it for years and when I look back at it, it stresses me out immediately. However, I do understand when people grind with this system, it gives them a certain kind of security which can be nice at times. I don’t have that kind of security to always have work and a salary, but so far so good luckily.

An avid Instagram follower has asked you for advice in pursuing their passion. What advice would you give?

Stay close to yourself, and stay humble.

Go to outfit?

Loose pants, soft sweater and a pair of cozy sneakers.

You the artist, have a chance to leave a message on a blank alley way wall…what would Chloe leave for the world/city to see?

‘Look up’. Just a little reminder for people to look up from their phone screen and take in the surroundings and enjoy those moments. Sometimes we are too busy with ourselves. I have this idea we’re getting afraid of boredom, but sometimes doing nothing and enjoy the scenery that’s happening around you can be really refreshing and inspiring.

Speaking of Instagram, you recently ticked over 20K followers. How did that feel and more importantly, how did you celebrate?

Sounds a bit dull but numbers aren’t that important to me. It’s nice to see people are following me and I really appreciate it because they are a big part of the reason I can work with all those cool brands. But in the end, it’s a digital number. You’re not famous in real life or something. It’s certainly not something I would celebrate, feels kinda wrong to me.

You have also had the experience of running your own online magazine which unfortunately finished. Were there some lessons were you able to take from this and apply to Un-cluttered or life in general?

I think I’ve learned to push through. If you have ideas, just go for it. Even though you will get through some difficulties, just push through and in the end it will be very rewarding you’ve achieved it on your own. And if it doens’t work out, at least you’ve tried. You never can regret that right?

Chloe Alyshea

Turning the tables for a moment.. We are handing you the interviewing mic. You have the chance to interview one of your friends. Who would it be and why?

That’s a difficult one, as I already know averything about my friends. And it feels not right to choose between them, as they all have their own inspiring story to tell.

Anything you would love to ask the Ledin Gray crew?

Fave sneakers of all time?

When you hear the term ‘define yourself’ what does that truly mean to you. Are there a certain values that define Chloe Alyshea? 

I think having respect is an important one, to stay humble and true to yourself, values that you have already encountered in previous questions. I find these just really important in life.

Chloe, an absolute pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to share your incredible story with us. They say that story telling is all about connecting to other people and helping them to see what you see. So on that note, welcome to the Ledin Gray family. We can’t wait to check back in again shortly to see what you conquering. 

Can you give us your best interview ‘Sign Off’?

Houdoe! Like they say in Eindhoven, means goodbye 😉